These days, with all the different materials are available both from Japan and abroad. We tested them to find the very best materials for our scissors, and have found the fact that Japanese material with top processing technology, which gets the most out of goodness, is the best for our durable scissors. And among them, we carefully select the material which abrasion resistance, Resistant to rust and gives the best sharpness.


Our skilled craftsmen have the long and unique experiences of producing handmade scissors. We believe the overflowing sensitivity and quality from the handmade scissors will reach to the soul of hairdressers. Being satisfied with our present craft skill is not the way of Green Mouse therefore we keep on studying, researching, gaining experiences to progress on hand crafting. We have been sticking to “1 by 1 Made-to-order production” to breathe a life into each pair since the company was established.


Scissors are not lumps of material, we believe they exist with life. Both of the soul of craftsmen and the passion of hairdressers make a pair of scissors the “Perfect Pair.” The best design we think is the well balanced in the Fascinating shape, Function & Great feeling on hairdressers’ hands & the Quality of itself.

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