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Green Mouse Scissor Matte Limited Silver 6″


Matte Limited Silver 6″. Made of cobalt alloy. Handcrafted from special cobalt alloy and coated with titanium. These scissors feature an offset handle and are available in Matt Silver, Gold, Black or Bronze. Each scissors is infused with passion that will ignite the creativity of the hairdresser.

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Green Mouse Matt Series

MATT Series Green Mouse scissors have enjoyed high popularity around the world. Beyond the impactful color selection, these scissors feature a special cobalt-molybdenum steel with a matte titanium coating. This combination ensures exceptional sharpness, durability, and corrosion resistance, creating a product that excels in both design and functionality.

The scissors are equipped with ball bearings for smooth operation, a 3D offset handle that fits comfortably in your hand, a manually adjustable screw that doesn’t require a screwdriver, and a specially shaped sword blade. Every detail reflects meticulous Japanese craftsmanship, and you can choose your preferred color design of Matt Silver, Gold, Black or Bronze . These scissors, also adopted by renowned salons globally, are truly a unique and indispensable partner for your salon work. Experience the unmatched performance of these exceptional scissors.





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